Il Dottor Morte

  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • HIGHT: 1m 90cm
  • WEIGHT: 90 Kg
  • EYES: Unknown
  • HAIR: Unknown
    Shrunken Boy n. 3 - "Death has a name, and it's a doctor!"
    The mask he uses disguises his voice, his goggles are equipped with an infrared visor and a high precision view-finder which allow him to see his enemies even in the dark. His favourite weapons are the infamous "clever of death" and his chainsaw, that he uses to dismember his enemies. He's a brilliant end evil scientist, yet he's a master of the occult and well: he usually summons the dark forces and evil spirits when his deadly devices are not enough.


Dottor Morte - Doctor Death - (formerly known as Professor Sadist) is the sworn enemy of Shrunken Boy and Shrunken Girl, he's responsible for the death of their father, to whom he tried to steal the secrets of his brilliant inventions. A true evil genius, he uses both science and black magic in order to achieve his main task: world domination. From his lab hidden in the slums of Atomic City, he orchestrates and executes his evil plans. He usually operates his evil business alone, even though rumours spread that he actually is the leader of the clan of the White Demons, this brought him to clash against another famous defender of justice, Paper Man.