Hypno Girl

  • REAL NAME: Lidia Stewart
  • HEIGHT: 1m 65 cm
  • WEIGHT: 52 Kg
  • EYES: Hypnotic
  • HAIR: Platinum Blonde
    Hypno Girl n. 1 - "Diabolical Hypnosis"
    Sexy, ironic, she owns a great collection of highly expensive designer sunglasses, she uses her medallion as a catalyst to channel her hypno power.


Lidia is a beautiful girl, witty and sensual. Ever since she was born she had the power to hypnotize and control everyone who stared into her eyes, (the doctor and the nurses who attended her birth, are reported to be her first victims: in fact, they all passed out and fell to the floor after looking at her), and ever since that moment she had to put on glasses made with special lenses. Growing up, she found out she had another special power, consisting in the ability to emit mental waves. She has developed a strong sense for justice, always trying to help the others. Of course, she has got a huge collection of glasses she's very proud of.