The Iron Mask

  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • HIGHT: 1m 87cm
  • WEIGHT: 80 Kg
  • EYES: White
  • HAIR: Helmet
    The Iron Mask n. 1 - "Intergalactic hunt"
    His helmet - made of alien metal alloy - protects him from the deadly assault of Doctor Actom and his lethal laser beam, his hyper-powered gloves enable him to deliver killer blows, and his antigravitational surf allows him to travel freely across the whole universe. The fulminator is the super powerful weapon he uses to defeat his most dangerous enemies. No one ever saw him laugh behind his mask.


A brave ans skilful bounty killer. His origins are lost in space, the stars are his home. His best allies are his weapons and his Space Skate. His helmet, besides protecting him and having inside many electronic devices, hides his true identity. Who is Iron Mask: a man, a robot, an alien? We don't know, but thanks to him all the people of this galaxy can sleep in peace.