Leaf Girl

  • REAL NAME: Jane Treehouse
  • HIGHT: 1m 70cm
  • WEIGHT: 65 Kg (normal)
  • EYES: Blue
  • HAIR: Red / Green (transformed)
    Leaf Girl n. 1 - "The woods of terror"
    Her hands turn into elongated claws, that she uses tu crush and choke her enemies, hugging them deadly. She can see in the dark with her bright eyes, her leaves can turn into deadly knives. She loves to scare her enemies to death. She's merciless, and she doesn't show any affection towards city people.


Jane Treehouse was a girl who loved hiking in the woods. One day, by chance, she found a mysterious elixir over a tree trunk, she decided to drink it...turning into Leaf Girl, the living terror in the woods!! Her body gets suddenly covered with leaves, branches and vines, turning her into the perfect killing machine!!! Leaf Girl is the number one defender of mother nature, killing and scaring to death everyone who tries to spoil it and destroy it!!! Beware, city people!!