• REAL NAME: Unknown
  • HIGHT: 20m
  • WEIGHT: 500 Kg
  • EYES: Yellow
  • HAIR: Helmet
    Mastermind n. 1 - "A monster will save us"
    Silent, threatening look, he can appear and disappear in a blink of an eye, his deadly baton and his electrified helmet give no quarter to his enemies. Impeccably dressed, he usually wears black gloves.


Who really is Mastermind? The last survivor of an ancient race whose origins are lost in the mists of time, his gigantic figure and his skeleton-like face inspire awe and fear in the people who look at him, even though, despite his looks, he's one of the most valiant defenders of this planet, always ready to fight against the terrible evil forces and monsters coming from the underground, also known as Zarkonians. The weapons he uses to polverize his enemies are his trusted stick, that he uses to throw powerful light rays at them, and his helmet that shoots devastating and deadly thunderbolts.