Paper Man

  • REAL NAME: John Milton
  • HIGHT: 1m 85 cm
  • WEIGHT: 82 Kg
  • EYES: Paper eyes
  • HAIR: Paper hair
    Paper Man n. 1 - "Apparente Death / paper resurrection "
    Tameless, fearless, he's very good at using his gun, as well as his super powerful paper fists, his body absorbs the ink and the images of the tabloids and the magazines around him, constantly changing his shape and turning him into a sort of living newspaper. His deadliest foes, along with the clan of the White Demons, are water and fire. Especially because of fire, he was forced to quit smoking.


John Milton is an ex policeman, who fell into an ambush as he was trying to thwart a robbery in a typography. Struck by his assailors, he fell into a machinery (container) that mixes glue with printable paper; reported as dead, he comes back as Paper Man, a half human, half paper being, turning himself into a feared and ultra violent private detective, whose only purpose in his life is to have his revenge upon who made him become what he is now: THE WHITE DEMONS' clan, his mortal foes who spread crime and instill fear in his town.