Shadow Boy

  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • HIGHT: 1m 70cm
  • WEIGHT: Weightless
  • EYES: Yellow
  • HAIR: Hairless
    Shadow Boy n. 1 - "Escape from the valley of the shadows"
    He's got a sense of humour that his macabre and funny at the same time, he's got the ability to disappear inside any dark and lightless place around him, he always wears his trusty orange glasses that allow him to see the world in color - otherwise his eyesight would be in black and white, since he hails from the valley of the shadows. He's attracted to sexy women, and that is something that always gets him into trouble.


The kid who comes straight from the land of the shadows, he's got a special ability to slip out of the darkness at his will (and therefore, to slip back into it as well). He wears colored glasses because his native world is in black&white, and through them he has the chance to see this reality in color. He fights crime and injustice mostly at night, he is totally allergic to light. He is gifted with a great sense of humour, he usually likes cracking jokes and terrorize people just for fun, especially beautiful girls.