Shrunken Girl

  • REAL NAME: Mary Gold
  • HEIGHT: 1m 65cm (normal) / 20cm (shrunken)
  • WEIGHT: 55 Kg (normal) / 30 gr (shrunken)
  • EYES: Green
  • HAIR: Brown
    Shrunken Girl n. 1 - "So small, so dangerous"
    She's John Gold's (a.k.a. Shrunken Boy) younger sister , she's brilliant and playful, yet she's on a mission to avenge his father's death by any means necessary and to catch his murderer, Dottor Morte, in order to send him behind bars forever. The way her strength increases is inversely proportional to her shrinking, making her super powerful and, at the same time, so small that her enemies can never see her coming. She ows an enviable collection of custom masks that she uses to conceal her identity. She never loses her sense of humour, not even in dangerous situations.


John and Mary are two average teenagers, and they are brother and sister. Their father, Harry Gold, a famous scientist, has created the infamous SHRINK MACHINE: its function is to shrink human beings and to give them special powers at the same time. After several attempts, he succesfully tested the machine on his kids. But his arch-rival, Professor Sadist (who will change his name to DOTTOR MORTE - Doctor Death) kills him in order to steal his invention. It will be up to the two super powered kids, with some very special help from their mom, to carry on their very personal fight against evil and to avenge their father's death.