The White Demon

  • REAL NAME: Unknown
  • HIGHT: Variable
  • WEIGHT: Variable
  • EYES: Unknown
  • HAIR: Unknown
    Paper Man n. 2 - "Terror in Atomic City"
    They wear a mask , dark sunglasses hide their eyes: they are very good at using knives, in order to commit horrible crimes, they are silent and deadly, their voice is modified and piercing, the number of the members of the clan remains unknown, their glitter jacket signals their presence in the dark, and their victims usually hear a sinister and diabolical laughter before being attacked by these evil criminals.


Who's the White Demon? Or, to be more precise, who are they? An occult clan dedicated to crime and violence, nobody knows their identities, when one of them dies, he's instantly replaced by someone else. They are responsible for the accident that turned private investigator John Milton into Paper Man, who became their nemesis, because of this. Who's the brain behind this powerful organization? Some say Dottor Morte (Doctor Death), with whom the White Demons became allies in order to conquer Atomic City, the city where they triggered their spiral of terror.