• REAL NAME: Zarkon
  • HIGHT: 50m
  • WEIGHT: 10 tonnes
  • EYES: Red
  • HAIR: Sloughs
    Mastermind n. 2 - "From hell came a monster:Zarkon!"
    Abominable creature, his scary voice resonates among the mountains where he hides, his shelled and thick skin makes him invulnerable to bullets and missiles, his arms are two giant tentacles that he uses to grab his enemies and to annihilate them, his evil eyes emit the infamous "Zarkon rays", pulverizing and disintegrating everything they touch. He's on a mission to destroy Mastermind and, therefore, humanity. He doesn't have any particular sense of humour.


Zarkon, supreme leader of the Zarkonians, is a terrible demonic monster emerged from earth's darkest depths. After a 2000 years hibernation, this super powerful dark lord is back walking among humans to sow death and destruction in this world and to bring back chaos and disorder. Zarkon is even the deadliest enemy of Mastermind, the supreme defender of our world. This horrible monster lives in Zarkonia, the city of monsters, hidden among the mountains, in an unknown part of the world. From that place he sets deadly traps for Mastermind and creates inhuman monsters, which are usually defeated by humanity's last champion, Mastermind.